VisionMaster Net

VisionMaster Net

VisionMaster Net is the networked bridge solution from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, the industry leader for system quality and support. It simplifies deployment, increases system availability and creates the foundation for “big data” on the vessel to improve operational efficiency, while reducing through-life costs. VisionMaster Net’s distributed architecture is easier to install with fewer components to connect and fewer cables to pull, while increasing resilience through a fully redundant network. Its modular design allows any combination of equipment to be easily integrated over an Ethernet ring, using standard cables to simplify installation further.

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The system offers complete flexibility in how panel PC displays are configured, which take up less space in the bridge design to suit any size of vessel. Its intuitive interface minimises the need for re-training and increased software functionality enables more efficient maintenance and upgrades. VisionMaster Net is the networked bridge solution that helps ship owners and shipyards remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

Features & benefits include :

  • Digital platform for all navigational applications
  • User centred interface
  • Scalable to all type of vessels
  • Type approved according to latest IMO regulation
  • Joystick and Track control
  • Easy installation
  • User friendly with an intuitive interface
  • Low cost of ownership through lifetime
  • Fully connected with Ethernet
  • CAT6a cable