The DL2 present the critical parameters on a touch screen and can be interfaced with bridge systems and repeaters. The DL 2 can also present distance traveled, depth and water temperature. Doppler technology is commonly considered the gold standard of speed measurement as it measures remotely, (away from the effects caused by the vessel itself) and once installed, it operates even with considerable organic growth on the transducer. The DL 2 can measure the speed of the vessel through the water in depths more than 3m, and Speed over ground in depths from 2m to 150 m. The sensor is mounted in a 100mm Sea Valve or tank. Product highlights include:

• Doppler Sensor
• Electronic unit with all required I/O
• Control unit with touch screen.
• IBS ready LAN communication.
• Vessels transversal movement aft. (Docking).

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Specifications Overview

  • Operating Frequency
    277 kHz SOG
    850-920kHz STW primary STW
    264 kHz STW secondary STW
  • Speed range
    +/- 50 kn Longitudal and transversal
  • Bottom track
    Avilable from 2m to 150 m depth
  • Water track
    0,5m-3m. Minimum depth 3m.
  • Accuracy
    (better than) 0.2 knots or 2%
  • Temperature accuracy
    <1 °C
  • Control display unit
    9” Touch display
    Flush mount. 240*155mm.
    Ethernet IP20
    Optional IP22 version CU-M001-IP22-SB