The Navitron NT921G is a powerfully equipped and technologically advanced Autopilot which is R.M.R.S and Morsviasputnik Type Approved to IMO and ISO specifications and for the professional use on Magnetic and/or Gyro based commercial vessels of all types to approximately 2000 gross registered tonnes. Fully programmable to provide optimum installation flexibility and final seagoing performance, the NT921G Autopilot is also simple to operate via a clearly defined ‘push and rotate’ Heading selector supplemented by +1°/-1° keys for fine course adjustment use when appropriate. Track steering based on Cross Track Error (XTE) data received from the ships GPS system is also a standard feature providing automatically corrected direction over the ground between predetermined way points.

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The control unit is suitable for console or bracket mounting in bridge or wheelhouse locations. Standard system supply also comprises a Mag Heading Sensor Coil and Rudder Reference Unit for installation to low voltage solenoid operated (11-40Vdc max) hydraulic steering systems. Other features include:

  • Dual Mag Inputs: –
    Sensor Coil and/or NMEA.
  • Dual Gyro Inputs: –
    1:1 Synchro and/or NMEA.
  • Built in RadioNav: –
    Track steer via GPS / Plotter.
  • Built in Off Course Alarm
  • Automatic Stability : –
    Monitors Rudder speed.
  • 3 x Heading Outputs: –
    NMEA, Step by Step and Furuno formats.