The preservation of our historic lighthouse heritage is one of the prime concerns of MSM. Consequently, we are specialized in designing optical and lighting equipment for big lighthouses, lantern houses, electronic revolving pedestals with very low consumption, special lamp changers or universal lighthouse control boards, by offering a complete service in this chapter. We have many years of experience and we develop a continuous labor of R+D+I in order to reach new improvements in this field, always following IALA Recommendations. We complete our classic equipment of advanced technology with a comprehensive service of rehabilitation and modernization works suited to customer needs.

High quality materials
One of the most outstanding Mediterranean’s specialties is the design of lantern houses for historic lighthouse applications. LEM lantern houses are manufactured with the best materials in the market, in order to withstand marine weather inclemencies for years.

Prevent back reflections
With a solid experience in the sector, we calculate all the parameters required for the design of ventilation systems that avoid the condensation inside. In addition, we use special glasses that prevent back reflections.

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